Why You Should Be Using Instagram Carousel Posts

The Instagram carousel feature was initially introduced in 2017 but has recently gained more popularity — you may have already noticed more accounts sharing sequences of panoramic photos or seamless graphics. You’re seeing this trend because businesses have realized that this feature allows them to share a more complete experience when communicating marketing messages.

Instagram carousel allows up to 10 photos or videos to be shared on the same posts, and because we are all moved by curiosity, it is almost like an instinct when we open Instagram to swipe left to see more.

Here are more reasons why you should also be using carousel posts for your Instagram strategy.

It’s Versatile

Carousel posts give a wide range of possibilities when creating content. It can be used to promote a product by sharing its variations of shapes and colours or by showing close-ups and different angles. You can also share demonstrations, tutorials, or even a tease with the main information of your latest blog.

“Carousel posts are more versatile than single photo posts. Plus, you can incorporate both photos and videos into your carousel posts, so they’re a great place to get creative.” — Later

You Become a Better Storyteller

With endless possibilities, there is a chance to be creative and communicate better. People simply love stories, and with carousel posts, there is an opportunity to deliver messages in a more unique and appealing way.

“In a world divided by a multitude of things, stories bring people together and create a sense of community. Despite our language, religion, political preferences, or ethnicity, stories connect us through the way we feel and respond to them … Stories make us human.” — HubSpot

It Offers Your Audience More Value

When a good story is shared, people learn something from it. Having up to 10 photos or videos on the same post means you have more chances of delivering valuable content.

“According to Rayson, you need to offer something unique and valuable to ensure your readers benefit from investing time with your content.” — Forbes

It Helps Keep Your Feed Cohesive

If you have a carefully curated feed, carousels can help you keep your theme without disrupting your aesthetic. With the added flexibility to share more content without being spammy.

“Having a cohesive Instagram feed means landing on a ‘mood’ that you want your brand to portray and ensuring that every post emulates that ‘mood’. Instagram is a unique way for consumers to experience your brand. Ensuring that your Instagram presence is consistent and cohesive will keep your brand top of mind to the consumer.” — Kate Rae Digital

It’s Good for Engagement

Carousel posts spark curiosity, which is what you need to grab attention in the crowd.

Every slide in your carousel post is as important as the first one, so make sure to create swipeable content. This encourages more engagement and conversation since there are more chances of someone taking action.

“Fact: The more time you spend on the app keeping your followers engaged, the more Instagram will favor you.” — Medium

How many times have you liked a carousel post twice by mistake because the content was so good? We know we have! The Instagram carousel feature gives you the opportunity to get really creative with your storytelling and stand out.

Owner / CEO — Like A Voss Inc.

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Mandi Relyea-Voss

Mandi Relyea-Voss

Owner / CEO — Like A Voss Inc.

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