The Three Indicators Of Success For Influencer Campaigns

Influencer campaigns can benefit you and your business immensely, but only if done properly. Maybe you already know the basics in creating a successful influencer campaign, but once you begin, how do you know if it’s actually going to be successful?

Here are the three most important indicators of success to keep in mind during your next influencer campaign.

You might be asking, how does the quality of content indicate the campaign's success? Isn’t it about the numbers? Of course success has a lot to do with the numbers, such as engagement rates, new followers, reach, etc, but that’s not all that matters. If an influencer is sharing really high quality content of your product, it’s far more likely to be successful. It creates a message that the influencer cares about the product and seems a lot more authentic.

“Consumers tune out posts that they deem inauthentic. When an influencer’s post is blatantly trying to sell followers on a product or service, the backlash can damage both the influencer’s and the brand’s reputations. In this way, influencer marketing inherently guards against poor-quality content.” — My Customer

The quality of your content is one of the most important indicators of success for your influencer campaign. High quality content gets your campaign far more reach than something without much time or care invested into it. Not only that, but it provides you with precious content and collateral that you can use afterwards to run ads.

This is a pretty obvious one. Reach is vital in making sure that your campaign is getting itself seen by various audiences. Along with that, your campaign reach helps you to plan future costs by helping you calculate CPM against other forms of online marketing.

“CPM, also known as Cost Per Mille, is the cost advertisers pay to reach every 1,000 impressions. An “impression” occurs every time someone views your ad. You can calculate your CPM by taking the total amount spent on an ad campaign, divided by impressions, multiplied by 1,000.” — Lyfe Marketing

The further your reach, the more success your campaign is going to have. Always take a look at the influencer’s reach if you want to gauge how successful your campaign has the possibility of being.

Engagement rates are even more successful than other numbers, such as likes, when judging if your content is successful. If an influencer’s followers engage a lot with them, it’s far more likely that your campaign is going to be successful.

“Engagement is key. Engagement shows that people are reacting to your brand and the content your influencers are putting out there.” — Like A Voss

When people are engaging with the influencer about the product or service of yours that they’re sharing, they feel a sense of connection that drives them to actually listen to the influencers. Don’t look at likes for a sign of how successful your campaign is going to be. Engagement rate is a lot more telling.

If your campaign is filled with quality content, an extensive reach, and high engagement rates you know your campaign is going to be successful. If you don’t have these things, that’s okay! Educate yourself on creating a successful influencer campaign and try again!

Owner / CEO — Like A Voss Inc.