Should You Go Live On Social Media?

Going Live on Facebook

Going Live on Instagram

The Benefits of Going Live

  • Real-time Connection: Live recordings allow your audience to feel more connected to you. Knowing that they’re watching you in real-time makes it easier for your audience to feel connected with you. Not to mention the opportunity to comment and reach live to videos.
  • More Engagement: By scheduling live events or just by recording spur-of-the-moment videos, you can increase engagement with your audience. Seeing you respond to people in video rather than in comments or posts creates a more immediate need to engage.
  • It’s Interactive: With commenting turned on, you can see what your audience is saying during the video in comments on your screen. This allows you to actively respond and converse with your followers.
  • Increased Authenticity: Live videos are great for boosting your brand’s authenticity and trust. They allow your customers to see what you are doing in the moment, raw and unfiltered.

Tips for Going Live

  • Have a strong connection: By this, we mean a strong Internet connection! Without a strong and consistent Internet connection, live videos can turn into laggy nightmares that are painful to even watch!
  • Consider noise levels: Make sure you are in a quiet place before you go live. This will not always be possible for all recordings, but do your best to limit the number of distractions and background noise so that your followers can hear you.
  • Have good lighting: Yes, the whole point of going live is that you’re raw and unfiltered, but that doesn’t mean you have to have bad lighting, too! Try to record in bright spaces with a stable light source.
  • Be prepared: Although much of the beauty of live videos is their unpredictability, you should still map out what you want to say and the message you want to get across to your audience.
  • Repeat: People can join your live video at any time, so don’t think that they will know what you said at the beginning of the video. It’s okay to repeat points throughout the video, but try to address this by acknowledging why you are reiterating something, such as saying, “For those of you who just tuned in…”

Warnings for Going Live

  • It’s live: Anything can be said, especially in a live interview. Be prepared for mishaps. There’s no editing and deleting in a live video.
  • There are no breaks: There’s no stopping to figure out what to say next in a live video. Help combat this by creating an outline before you begin.
  • Anything can be said in the comments: The comments are a good thing, but they can also be negative. You need to be okay with this and prepared for any spam or inappropriate comments that might come up. What are the best ways to deals with inappropriate comments?
  • Kick viewers out of your Livestream.
  • Block inappropriate users.
  • Turn of commenting as a last resort.



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