How To Promote Your Service Based Company On Social Media

Some brands are easier to promote on social media than others. But, if you’re a company that doesn’t have a physical product, it can be difficult to build your presence online.

Don’t worry! At Like A Voss Social Media, many of our clients are service-based. So, if your company doesn’t lend itself to obvious viral content, here are some of the ways we still help clients build their online communities.

Storytelling is the number one way businesses connect to their customers.

“Stories share important information about our past, bring us together, and appeal to our deepest humanity. Without a good story, your audience has little to latch onto.” — Like A Voss Blog

Every business is full of amazing stories just waiting to be told. So, don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy product or facility to show off, just speak from the heart!

Whether it’s a quote or infographic, educational and inspiring text do really well on social media. A good quote or meme can spread a much-needed positive idea in the online landscape. That’s because they’re ‘likeable’ and more importantly, they’re sharable.

“Let’s face it: there’s a ton of negativity making its way around social media. Who wants to see complaints and angry political posts? Leave those to others. People desire content that makes them feel better.” — Smart Bird Social

Share witty quips from thought leaders in your industry or turn a blog post into an infographic. Whatever you decide to do, remember to keep it positive!

Do you have an awesome company culture? Does your corporation give back to it’s community in creative ways? Is there an aspect of your industry you’re really passionate about?

Remember, social media doesn’t have to be about pushing your products. You can build a community around almost anything. If you build up an engaged enough following, the attention will spill over to your business.

For example, a company like “MailChimp uses Instagram to show off their lighthearted company culture and to attract young talent to their team.” — Tree Frog

So, basically, you can use your social presence as a recruitment tool rather than a sales board — it’s the perfect place to show off how fun you are to work for!

You can read more about how to build a dedicated online community and let us know your thoughts.

Behind the scenes content is fresh, easy and engaging. “For whatever you have to sell, promote, or market on social media… there’s always a backstory. ” — Hootsuite

So, tap into the nosiness in all of us and share image and video content that lets your audience peek behind the curtain.

“Most people tend to think that social media only works for companies in industries that have a target audience of social media-motivated Millennials and Gen X-ers. It’s often believed that only “fun” and “young” industries, like Go Pro or Red Bull, can really rock social media… but this is just an assumption.” — Tree Frog

There are plenty of ways to engage your online community without all the flash. These were just a few of the clever ways we help our clients. If you’re still not convinced, let’s chat!



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