How to Improve Your Presence With Social Media

Mandi Relyea-Voss
4 min readJan 3, 2024


With the constant consumer growth on social media, it’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out.

Having a strong online presence means that you are in the minds of your customers even when they aren’t online or signed into an app. It means that you’re remembered. Who doesn’t want that from their social media?

So, how do you do it? How do you increase your presence on social media?

Collaborate To Increase Your Reach

Collaborating with other people on social media is the perfect way to make new connections and spread brand awareness to customers who might not have found you otherwise.

Join forces with the owners of like-minded accounts as a way to build a presence in your respective communities. Make sure to collaborate with people who share your values so you know that their customers have a far better chance of being people that would also be interested in what you have to offer.

A great way to collaborate with others on social media is through in-depth collaborations with influencers. Ask them to help design your products, run contests or roll out a new campaign.

Influencers, especially micro-influencers, are a great way to increase presence since they help start conversations around your products.

Focus On Customer Service

Your customers are the foundation of your business. Without followers and fans of your products online, you would have no social media presence. They are what’s most important so you need to focus on them more than anything else.

Good online customer service is often cited as one of the biggest reasons why someone decides to do business with you. Answer tweets, reply to comments, and take what your customers say online seriously! Ignoring them will never do you any good. You wouldn’t ignore your customers in person, so don’t ignore them online.

“Your business should have strategies in place for handling customer service issues through social media, as it serves as another, more convenient way to get in touch with customers and vice versa.” — Business News Daily

For more, here’s a great piece on social media customer service from Mention.

Create A Branded Hashtag

Branded hashtags get your followers engaged with you in a more meaningful way. Better yet, they’re fun!

Use branded hashtags as a way to get followers excited about new products and campaigns. Encourage fans to submit content under your hashtag and then repost and share the best ones in your feeds and newsletters. It’s also a great way to create UGC.

“The most useful thing social media content marketers can hope for is user-generated content (UGC)! It saves marketing dollars and gives you free content to use, but, even better than that, it creates a feeling of authenticity and trust for your brand.” — Like A Voss

Celebrating your customers is always a great way to make sure they stay engaged with your brand. Create a space for them through a branded hashtag.

Give Your Audience What They Want

Increasing your presence is often about giving your audience what they want. The best way to improve your presence is by making the followers you already have happy rather than focusing on finding new ones. If your current followers are happy, new ones will come naturally.

So whether you use metrics to see which posts do best, or simply ask your audience what they would like to see, make sure to post content that you know your followers respond well to.

When your followers know they can count on you for a certain type of content, they are more likely to seek it out.

Post More Native Content

Native content is content that is posted directly on the platform it is meant for. Native content increases presence because it is more likely to be seen and easier to share.

Social media sites reward native content since it encourages your followers to stay on the platform and not click away. This means that videos, images, and even copy from blogs will do better if you post them directly to a social media site.

So the next time you want to post a link to your YouTube video on social media, try uploading it directly to the platform itself. Check your formatting too, especially for videos.

“A video recorded in a landscape position (horizontal width is greater than the vertical height) is considered native for YouTube. Contrast this with IGTV, Instagram’s video-sharing platform, where videos in portrait orientation (vertical height is greater than horizontal width) would be considered native.” — Tough Nickel

Organic reach is great, but going that extra mile will ensure that your followers actively seek out your content.

After all, when you have a good and strong presence on social media, your followers don’t just engage with your content, they look forward to it!

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